Events The Atlantic Bar & Grill

Your Authentic Irish Soccer Pub in Chicago's Lincoln Square

5062 N Lincoln Ave

Chicago, IL 60625

$35 Open Bar w/ Burger or Chicken Sandwich For Playoff Games

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9:00pm: Karaoke Presented By: Sharp Karaoke

Sports This week @ The Atlantic

Sports This week @ The Atlantic

Monday, September 9

6:10pm: Texans vs Saints

9:10pm: Cubs vs Padres

9:20pm: Broncos vs Raiders

Tuesday, September 10

7:00pm: USA vs Uruguay (Friendly)

7:10pm: Sox vs Royals

8:30pm: Honduras vs Chile (Friendly)

9:00pm: Argentina vs Mexico (Friendly)

Wednesday, September 11

7:10pm: Sox vs Royals

9:10pm: Cubs vs Padres

Thursday, September 12

7:20pm: Buccaneers vs Panthers

Friday, September 13

3:05pm: Cubs vs Pirates

9:10pm: Sox vs Mariners

Saturday, September 14

9:00am: Tottenham Hotspur vs Crystal Palace (Premier League)

11:30am: Norwich City vs Manchester City (Premier League)

11:30am: RB Leipzig vs Bayern Munchin (Bundesliga)

1:20pm: Cubs vs Pirates

2:00pm: Barcelona vs Valencia (La Liga)

2:30pm: Chicago Fire vs Dallas (Major League Soccer)

8:10pm: Sox vs Mariners

Sunday, September 15

10:30am: Watford vs Arsenal (Premier League)

12:00pm: Colts vs Titans

1:20pm: Cubs vs Pirates

3:10pm: Sox vs Mariners

3:25pm: Bears vs Broncos